30 June 2014

The dull city creates social distance

Inge Goudsmit en Adrienne Simons /0 comments

The housing estates in Hong Kong once laid the foundation for a relative open society that offered plenty of opportunity for social mobility. More than fifty years later, these public...

2 June 2014

‘The Open Society and its emergencies’ Theses on Urbanity in the Age of Disaster

Lieven De Cauter /0 comments

The Dutch contribution to the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale is entitled Open: A Bakema Celebration. This presentation is a critical reflection on the work and research developed...

9 May 2014

How Social is Dutch Architecture?

Thomas Wensing /27 comments

In the recently published book Double Dutch Bernard Hulsman1 characterizes architecture in the Netherlands from 1985 as a belated victory march of postmodernism. By...

17 October 2012

ArchiTV Statement: The Future of Architecture


Students of the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University offer their video-vision on the Future of Architecture. How do they follow up on their teachers? What went wrong is the last...

8 August 2011

O’ Mighty Green

Beatriz Ramo /2 comments

Sustainability currently shares many qualities with God; supreme concept, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient; creator and judge, protector, and (...) saviour of the universe and the...

21 February 2011 / Tom Bergevoet en Maarten van Tuijl

Appeal for improvisation

8 July 2010 / Edwin Gardner

Intellectual Disaster Tourism

15 December 2009 / Piet Vollaard

As the towers of Dubai topple

21 May 2009 / Piet Vollaard

Copyright is for losers, from © to CC

24 March 2009 / Piet Vollaard

‘We’re fine here on Julianalaan, no icons, and long live the 1970s’




In een groen, groen, groen, groen...
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30 November 2012

Duurzaamheid, de verzamelnaam voor een complex geheel van integrale oplossingen voor ecologische, maatschappelijke en economisch...