4 August 2014

The Openheid State From closed to open society in Cape Town

Michelle Provoost /0 comments

It is hard to conceive of a country where contemporary city planning has had a more negative impact on society than in South Africa. In this country, the ‘makeable’ world and social...

30 June 2014

The dull city creates social distance

Inge Goudsmit en Adrienne Simons /0 comments

The housing estates in Hong Kong once laid the foundation for a relative open society that offered plenty of opportunity for social mobility. More than fifty years later, these public...

2 June 2014

‘The Open Society and its emergencies’ Theses on Urbanity in the Age of Disaster

Lieven De Cauter /0 comments

The Dutch contribution to the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale is entitled Open: A Bakema Celebration. This presentation is a critical reflection on the work and research developed...

9 May 2014

How Social is Dutch Architecture?

Thomas Wensing /27 comments

In the recently published book Double Dutch Bernard Hulsman1 characterizes architecture in the Netherlands from 1985 as a belated victory march of postmodernism. By...

17 October 2012

ArchiTV Statement: The Future of Architecture


Students of the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University offer their video-vision on the Future of Architecture. How do they follow up on their teachers? What went wrong is the last...

8 August 2011 / Beatriz Ramo

O’ Mighty Green

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Appeal for improvisation

8 July 2010 / Edwin Gardner

Intellectual Disaster Tourism

15 December 2009 / Piet Vollaard

As the towers of Dubai topple

21 May 2009 / Piet Vollaard

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In een groen, groen, groen, groen...
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30 November 2012

Duurzaamheid, de verzamelnaam voor een complex geheel van integrale oplossingen voor ecologische, maatschappelijke en economisch...