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Since 1997, ArchiNed has been publishing independent information about developments in the field of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in the Netherlands. In addition, ArchiNed provides an overview of Dutch spatial design offices and design-related institutes and companies, a successful jobs section, a calendar of upcoming exhibitions and lectures,  a schedule of competitions, an overview of architecture books and periodicals, a society section and editorial columns. ArchiNed is read daily by 5000 unique visitors.

ArchiNed promotes the exchange of information and discussion among architects and other professionals and enthusiasts involved in architecture. We value independent reporting and critical commitment. Pleasure  in architecture and design and pleasure in publishing on and experimenting with Internet are our main motives.

The articles on our website are written by our own team of editors and by a network of over 100 correspondents. See ArchiNed Team
ArchiNed is a website made by architects for architects. In addition to the promotional advantages for members themselves, we see ArchiNed membership as a token of commitment from the architectural community for the continued existence of such an independent and critical platform.
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The translation of the articles published in 2011 was made possible by the Netherlands Architecture Fund.

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