Yona Friedman

Gids door de verschillende onderwerpen:
1.00 Freedom
2.00 On Le Corbusier and Konrad Wachsman
5.00 Two princliples: Ville Spatiale and Raft Buildings
6.20 Wartime in Budapest
9.20 His years in Israel
10.50 Physics and Mythology, Heisenberg and Kerényi
13.00 Disorder, There is no geometrical constraint, you can do anything
16.40 Cartoons, Comics ("I don't make drawings, I show people how to do it")
19.00 Animated Movies
21.00 Re-Use of 'Industrial Fall-Out': Rubbish is beautifull
23.20 Mainstream, finding other ways 'How to do it'
25.00 Critique on Bauhaus and Le Corbusiers Unite d'Habitation
27.00 Encouragement, CIAM X (Dubrovnik) / Team 10 / Frei Otto
29.00 On Architecture Mobile and difficulties in realising his Ville Spatiale / Influence on other architects (especially Metabolists)
32.25 On Constants New Babylon
34.00 On Archigram, Reyner Banham and Jean Prouvé
36.00 Musée des graffitis (realised in 2009 in Paris)

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