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31 March 2015 / Jurjen Zeinstra

'Im welchem Style sollen wir wohnen?'

architecture, interior and design / news

Zowel Het Nieuwe Instituut als het tijdschrift DASH besteden aandacht aan de betekenis van het 1:1 model als representatie van goed wonen. In het in DASH...

19 December 2014

ArchiNed's kerstrecesfilm: Himmel über Berlin

architecture, urban design / news

3 December 2014 / Allard Jolles

Back to the future? Dutch New Worlds

spatial planning / reviews

Dutch New Worlds by Christian Salewski is the standard book on Dutch scenario thinking between 1970 and 2000, according to Allard Jolles.

7 October 2014

ArchiTV: The Smithsons on Housing

architecture / news

De BBC maakte in 1970 een documentaire over en met Peter en Alison Smithson op het moment dat Robin Hood Gardens werd gebouwd. Met de kennis van nu, en er vanuit gaande dat...

7 August 2014

ArchiNed TV: Koolhaas & Lagos

architecture, urban design, theory / news

Hurray for Submarine! The interactive documentary Lagos Wide and Close, an interactive journey into an exploding city by Bregtje van der Haak is online. This...

1 July 2014

ArchiTV: Kowloon Walled City (Hong Kong)

architecture, urban design / news

Je het housing estates en je hebt housing estates in Hong Kong. Kowloon Walled City is een geklonterende stad, waar gewoond, gewerkt en gespeeld wordt; 33.000 mensen...

30 April 2014

ArchiTV: The Fountainhead

architecture / news

"Do you want to stand alone against the whole world? There is no place for originality in architecture. Nobody can improve on the buildings of the past [...] You won't...

29 April 2014 / Gernot Böhme

Encountering Atmospheres: A Reflection on the Concept of Atmosphere in the Work of Juhani Pallasmaa and Peter Zumthor

architecture, theory / news

OASE 91 Building Atmosphere is about atmosphere as the core theme of architecture and is guest edited by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and Finnish architect...

9 April 2014

Architecture as good cause

architecture, urban design / reviews

Ladies and gentlemen, go visit the exhibition The Good Cause, Towards an Architecture of Peace! And read the relevant issues of Volume: Architecture of Peace, and The...

8 April 2014

ArchiTV - Pruitt Igoe

urban design / news

In 1982 Godfrey Reggio made the film Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance. One chapter is titled Pruitt Igoe and shows images of this illustrious social housing complex in St....

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Leuke kleine projecten
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1 January 2013

Leuke kleine projecten uit de ArchiNed Inbox.