Michael Sorkin


Michael Sorkin is an architect, critic, academic and author of among others ‘Twenty Minutes in Manhattan' and ‘All Over the Map: Writing on Buildings and Cities', in which 12 principles for Eutopia, or a better city are presented. The main thread of his works, both theoretical and in his practice as an architect and urban designer, is the discrepancy between private and public interests in the city. Basically his message is positive: climate change, poverty, the disappearance of ecosystems, and the belief in an unregulated market are all problems caused by mankind, and therefore can also be solved by mankind.

NB: Because of the ‘Castroian’ length of the lecture, the middle part was left out of this registration..
The registration consists of:
- (0.00) A flaming introduction and an overview of the situation we put ourselves in.
- (after 19.00 min) New York City Steady State, an investigation into the possibilities of an autarkic New York
- (after ca 35.00 min) Discussions

(registration Stefan de Graaff, AntenneTV)