Return to the Common

This second-year postgraduate research studio, led by Lieven De Cauter, Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti, and Eyal Weizman, explores the specific history and architectural problem of the occupation of Palestine. It focuses on the mechanisms of Israel’s spatial occupation of Palestine and its workings and impact on physical ground as a unique learning experience that is both specific and paradigmatic. This occupation is a very extreme form of urbanism: urbanism as colonization, domination, control, containment, and outright warfare. It uses a complex system of archipelago’s and enclaves separated by bypass roads, walls, and checkpoints.

Computation in Space and the Last Domestic Landscape

This second-year postgraduate research studio, led by Philippe Morel, is simultaneously devoted to the study of computationalism, through its most advanced development—finance—and in its least known, but nonetheless real, posturban and geographical architectural consequences (global urban planning based on network access times); and the study of our “domestic” environment—where domestic means above all “immediate” and does not recognize the traditional distinction between work and leisure and the private sphere and public spa