Dutch architects and designers to feature on British television

ArchiNed recieved the following summon from the producers of Grand Designs, a British television programme.

Grand Designs is one of Channel four's most successful programmes, regularly attracting 5 million viewers.  Each programme follows a new build or major conversion with a unique approach to creating a home environment.  In the past we have filmed the construction of cutting edge contemporary designs, eco-houses, underground houses and period homes as well as the conversion of water towers, barns and factories. We are looking for Dutch architects and designers with British clients who would be interested in taking part in the programme. This will be part of a new series, Grand Designs Abroad, which will follow British people with projects across Europe.

Your project must fit the following criteria: It is a new build or significant conversion, it will be completed by May 2004, your clients are involved with the project and available to film on a regular basis, it has unique or interesting elements in terms of design, materials, construction techniques or the people involved, it's build in Europe but not in the U.K. If you are passionate about your project and would be interested in appearing on the programme, please email or call us.

granddesigns3(at) or call us on +44 1494 733 591/550.