Maison Folie de Wazemmes – NOX

This year Lille in France is one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe. Maison Folie de Wazemmes will be one of the locations where events take place.

To house the many activities that will take place in 2004, the idea was launched to transform former factories and schools into so called Maisons Folie. In 2001 the municipal of Lille organised a design competition for the transformation of a former textile factory into a cultural complex with a mix programme. NOX/Lars Spuybroek won.

The factory consists of two buildings separated by an ally. NOX placed a third building on the factory ground, next to the street. This new building is recently been opened. It contains a theatre, studio's, offices and a foyer. A Hulk green waving wall dominates the foyer. Most eye caching aspect of the building is the facade. Nox dressed a conventional 'box' with a stainless steel curtain. The suggestion of transparency and lightness is in contrast with the brick walls of the former factory. This part of the complex, that opens mid April, contains exhibition spaces, ateliers, a hammam and a restaurant. A sloping inner court forms the connection between the buildings.