Large fire at the Faculty of Architecture Delft

10.00 a.m.: A fierce fire brook out this morning at the faculty of architecture at TU Delft. From our office we can see big black pillars of smoke. There are no causualties reported.

11.00a.m. The fire started due to what seems to be short-circuit. It is reported that a water pipe broken early this morning. Nevertheless students, and faculty staff poured in and the electricity wasn't swichted. The fire alarm was raised at 9.00 a.m.

The fire started in the South wing at the 6th or 7th floor and spread rapidly. At this time the South wing is totally burned down. Fire brigade had great difficulty in getting the fire under control. The damage is enormous.

1.00 p.m. It is reported that the fire brigade has left the building due to the risk of the building collapsing. It's uncertain if the building can be saved.

16.30 p.m. Big black pillars of smoke are still visible.