Preparty time

For those who don’t know it yet, the 11th Venice Architecture Biennale opens to the public on Sunday September 14.

Starchitecten, VIPs, journalists, paparazzi, and other big shots will have the former Arsenale grounds to themselves for the three days leading up to the 14th. These are actually the days that count, the days when there is an accumulation of power and intellect. Before all the inevitable cocktails, these are the days when organisations present themselves, when round-table discussions and symposiums on current themes and pressing issues are staged. On Thursday 11, Friday 12 and Sunday 13 the Dutch pavilion will be the venue for numerous round-table discussions on existential questions concerning the being of the architect. The discussions will be streamed live (see also this website for the programme).

The fire that destroyed the faculty of architecture at Delft University of Technology forms the pretext for the Dutch presentation. Although it was unfortunate that so much history was destroyed, the loss of the faculty building offers also many new opportunities.

On September 13 a competition entitled ‘Building for bouwkunde’ will be launched in the Dutch pavilion. The professional world will be asked to come up with ideas for the future building for education (both material and existential). More information on the competition will be available after September 13 on the website Building for bouwkunde.

For those who want to enjoy the afterparty, the Architecture Biennale is open to visitors until November 23.