ArchiNed’s Montevideo branche

Since Wednesday 25th March, ArchiNed opened a temporary branch in Montevideo (Uruguay). From here we will inform you about the Archiprix International 2009 venue that takes place from March 26th until April 3th at the Facultad de Arquitectura of the Universidad de la República.

Sight on Montevideo from Cerre de Montevideo

Archiprix International is the competition that is held in every two years and is open to the best graduation projects of spatail design school from all over the world. For this years edition 218 schools sent in projects. A week preceding the award ceremony, workshops are organised that are open for all the participants of the competition. For this edition more than 70 young designers applied.
In collaboration with  Archiprix International ArchiNed will give you a daily update from Montevideo via a weblog (in English-ish), with impressions from the workshops, a little bit of couleur locale en of course the announcement of the winners of Archiprix International edition 2009.