STAR wins competition in Spain

STAR strategies + architecture have been awarded the first prize in the international competition of ‘Mirador del Palmeral de Elche’ (palm grove viewpoint) in Spain.

The palm grove of elche is a UNESCO world heritage site. The competition was organised by the city of Elche to provide a landmark for the area, as well as enhance the agricultural palm arabic tradition. STAR, directed by Beatriz Ramo, was one of the two teams selected las March from the first phase of the public competition to participate in the second phase where four prestigious offices had been invited: SANAA, MVRDV, MARTÍNEZ-LAPEÑA TORRES ARQUITECTOS, ÁBALOS-SENTKIEWICZ + ARQUITECTURA AGRONÓMÍA.

STAR: "We are aware of the large influence that economy has in architecture and we believe more than ever that strategies, rather than shapes, are the only valid answers to today’s demands. Moreover, in this period of financial collapse and extreme preoccupation for sustainability, it would be an hypocrisy to close the eyes and produce another icon like all the previous ones. Lets take this chance to rethink deeply, to focus our intelligence in a strategy rather than in the egocentric and frozen architecture (=icon) so characteristic from the last years. Trying to explode the full potential of the intervention, we propose three scenarios with different levels of investment. From the initial mirador complex to a common building mirador-station with a connection to the train platforms and underground parking. The wheel and the Palmeral will be the welcoming image to the visitor of Elche"