Vegetable shed

Next up in the series of charming, exceptional and/or beautiful small projects that land in the ArchiNed inbox is EETHUIS. This alternative garden shed was designed by Marijke Bruinsma (de Stuurlui stedenbouw en landschap) in collaboration with Atelier Gras and commissioned by De Tuinen van Appeltern festival.

EETHUIS is a new method of vertical gardening. It is a vegetable garden like you’ve never seen before. Not only the soil but also the walls and the roof of EETHUIS are used to cultivate vegetables, fruit and flowers.

EETHUIS shows the unlimited possibilities of the many varieties of edible greenery and new methods of tasty gardening. The cultivation of food on the ground/soil shifts to the cultivation of edible greenery in a modular system of crates that makes use of expertise and techniques developed in intensive crop production. Fresh from the roof, wall and floor! It isn’t only roof gardens and balconies that will be used in the future to produce edible greenery; entire facades, streets, neighbourhoods and cities will turn green and become places for the cultivation of local food.

At 'De Tuinen van Appeltern' garden festival in Appeltern.

EETHUIS is temporary in character, dependent on the vegetable garden seasons: edible from April to October. That is why temporariness and the reuse of all materials deployed are key themes in the technical development of EETHUIS; the whole house can be dismantled and erected elsewhere for a new EETHUIS season.