Dutch Success in Basel

The team of OKRA, Maxwan A+U, and Basler&Hofmann has won the competition for the concept design for the Basel city center.

The proposal provides an overall view on quality of public realm in the city centre for the next decades, and focuses on creating a green and vibrant landscape city, providing spaces that create a ‘shared space 2.0’. The plan provides tools for transformation of a large area in the city centre, expanding from the train station SBB and the railway station Badischer Bahnhof on the other side of the river Rhine. Even more than today, the Basel city centre will be a focal point for the entire tri-national, expanding over the German and French borders.

The aim is to establish a strategy for radical transformation of the public space; and create a base for which concrete projects can be identified and implemented. In the forthcoming period OKRA icw, Maxwan A+U, and Basler&Hofmann are commissioned to develop their entry to a vision for public space of the inner city of Basel.