Maxwan wint prijs in South Harbour Helsinki Competition

Maxwan was awarded the highest prize for their competition entry Stadi Terassi in the Open International Ideas Competition 'South Harbour Helsinki'. This first place was shared among the entries Boegbeeld, Meren syleily, Stadi terassi and Tori. And chosen out of 201 submissions.

The jury report states that “the (Maxwan) proposal respects its environment in terms of the cityscape, and is an innovative, stylish and well substantiated totality…” and that new buildings are of “high quality” and have been “uniquely and skillfully solved”.

The South Harbour in Helsinki has a rich history, which is currently masked by a myriad of strictly functional spaces. The proposal by Maxwan sets out to do the obvious – return the harbour to the people of Finland. A few large scale shifts make room for a diverse series of small-scale, water-oriented public uses that ensure a lively space throughout the day and all the seasons. These moves together add up to creating a true Stadi Terassi or Helsinki Terrace, a place for people spilling out from the inner city, and for guests arriving from the waterside. All can find a place along the water to actively engage with its history, culture, and public life.