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Live Stream Lecture José Oubrerie

Donderdag 22 november vanaf 18.30 Live Stream lezing José Oubrerie, een van de laatste levende medewerkers van Le Corbusier. Eerste in een reeks van Berlage Sessions, dit keer ingebed in de workshop Architecture in a Time of Uncertainty.

José Oubrerie, the last living protégé of Le Corbusier, is an architect based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. After an early career in painting, he studied architecture in Paris and he went on to work in Le Corbusier's office from 1957 to 1965. He  collaborated with his mentor during the final years of his life, working on numerous projects such as the Brazil Pavilion, Hotel d’Orsay, the Strasbourg Convention Center, the Olivetti Offices and Factories in Milan, the Venice Hospital, the Zurichhorn Pavillion, and the Firminy Church. Later, while teaching in the US, he created together with his wife, Atelier Wylde-Oubrerie in Lexington, KY and went on to build the Miller House. He will lecture on his architecture completed with and without Le Corbusier.

This lecture is the first of The Berlage Sessions, a public program that invites leading and emerging practitioners and scholars to link architectural practice and theory to the history of ideas and changing social and cultural conditions.