OMA wins competition to design Axel Springer’s new media centre in Berlin

OMA’s design for Axel Springer’s new media centre in Berlin has been chosen as the winner in the final round of a public design competition.

The building is planned to embody Axel Springer's corporate shift from print to digital media, and to create a new hub in the existing Axel Springer campus in central Berlin.

The new office block is bisected by a diagonal atrium that opens up to the existing Springer buildings – an extension of the Springer campus. The essence of the proposal is a series of terraced floors that together form a 'valley'.

Each floor contains a covered part for formal work, which is then uncovered on the terraces to act as an informal stage and a place to broadcast ideas to other parts of the company. The ground floor is open to the city and contains studios, event and exhibition spaces, canteens and restaurants.