TOPOS landscape award 2014 goes to LOLA landscape architects

The Topos Landscape Award 2014 will be presented to landscape architects LOLA (Lost Landscapes) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. LOLA researches and designs the never ending development of the landscape, city as well as countryside.


Since 2002, the Topos Landscape Award has been conferred annually by the editorial team of the journal Topos. The award is to honour a landscape architecture practice that has made significant contributions to high-quality and up-to-date designs of cities and landscapes, has enriched the landscape architecture scene through its innovative ideas, and whose work has come to be representative of the best of contemporary landscape architecture. The Topos Landscape Award aims to highlight that the landscape architectural challenges of our time are characterized by a lively dynamic and display a wide range of facets.

Founded by Peter Veenstra, Eric-Jan Pleijster en Cees van der Veeken in 2006, LOLA designs and researches public space at different scales.The three partners share their ideas and views on landscape with great enthusiasm as lecturers and teachers at various international academies and universities. Characteristic for LOLA’s work is the fusion of urban and natural landscape and the integration of innovative spatial phenomena. From our backyards to regional extend, they design ‘green’ urbanity, maximize the accessibility of the landscape and enrich of our daily environment. LOLA’s goal is to recognize new design challenges at an early stage and to propose creative solutions. Every project is approached as an unique part of an endless landscape.