Temporary bamboo stadium – Archiprix 2015

With her graduation project Chen Shen presents a vision of the how a better world could be realized using, as she describes it, God’s gift to building, bamboo.

As a strong, environment-friendly building material, bamboo is an excellent alternative to wood. Even in Western Europe, where it is not a native plant, it can contribute to the development of more sustainable construction methods.

In the design, bamboo plays a key role in the spatial quality, use and construction. The multifunctional temporary stadium is projected in the first instance in De Bretten, a green zone in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam. Besides serving to stimulated sustainable building with bamboo, the stadium enhances the recreational and ecological value of the local context. The stadium’s inviting and natural atmosphere will contribute to the local life of residents. The efficiency of the stadium’s construction method, its potential for easy disassembly and its flexible bamboo joints will together contribute to the development of sustainable, contemporary bamboo buildings in the Netherlands.

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