Antwerp: new spaces, new urbanity? Archined Virtual Lunch Walk

Olaf Winkler shows the urban transformation in the docklands of Antwerp and its impact on the physical and social texture of the city. Archined Virtual Lunch Walk join us live via Zoom.

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In recent years Antwerp has been reinventing itself. In addition to small architectural interventions, complete new neighbourhoods are emerging. Illustrative of this are the areas in the former docklands. With today’s port activity having moved further north, the old docks and the neighbouring railway grounds are an example of historical infrastructure with urban potential. The specific characteristics of the changes here are defined not by homogeneity but by a numerous interventions that vary in style, scale and social impact. The spectrum ranges from highly iconographic buildings like Zaha Hadidʼs Havenhuis and the MAS to the wide public space of Park Spoor Noord, which not only provides new leisure space, but also had to deal with the social contrasts surrounding it. And it ranges from a new residential quarter like the Cadix area to small but highly interesting refurbishments like (if we look towards the Central Station) the Permeke Library, housed in a former car garage.

Architecture journalist Olaf Winkler takes us on a virtual live tour of architecture and public spaces, from Antwerp-Centraal to Park Spoor Noord and further around the old docks. On the way we pass some of Antwerp’s most high-profile projects of recent years, as well as some that received little attention but that nonetheless determine surrounding the urban quality.

Archined Virtual Lunch Walk
Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Welcome: 12.00h
Start tour at: 12.15h, ends 13.00h.
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