Kijk & Luister

Where the facade bends. An architectural critique in the form of an animation.


Archined Lab

Ondersteunt onafhankelijke experimentele initiatieven.

Where the facade bends plays with ‘neither real nor imaginary’ places. With collaged fragments of renderings, the video assembles a new space, a stage on a journey into the backsides, absurdities and ruptures of smooth surfaces.

Architectural renderings are highly realistic representations of places that don’t exist. These images stand halfway between an imaginary world and a future that will physically materialize. They play a role at several moments during the development of a project, whether it be to sell it to potential investors, to communicate it to the public, or to create a marketable image and story. Happy human archetypes are pasted into the ‘perfect’ house, which is placed in an idealized environment. At the core of this peculiar world-building practise, the narrative of hyper-perfection fashions a sleek paradise, reinforces capitalist norms and shapes our collective imagination of desirable lifestyles, cities and potential futures.

A video by Sophie Czich, with music and sound design by Juanlu Montoro and Ana Becerra Martínez.

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