Pravda ( Правда – “Truth”)


Archined Lab

Ondersteunt onafhankelijke experimentele initiatieven.

Walls talk. Pravda (Правда – “Truth”) is a spatial installation by the Ukrainian artist and architect Daria Khozhai. A 1:1 model of what was once her childhood bedroom, at home in Kyiv. Over time, new layers are added, layers of newspapers, tears and potato starch.

Screenshot installation Pravda (Правда – “Waarheid”) by Daria Khozhai.

Emptiness as a representation of displacement

In order to invite You into my home, my memories and the madness I am living in, I recreated my childhood Room in a family apartment in Kyiv. To share the history my Room and I have witnessed during my lifetime.
Enter my Room in 360 degrees.

The first version of Pravda was presented at the Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam) and the second at Looiersgracht 60 (Amsterdam). This third version, an audio-visual 360-degree model, can be experienced in the browser or with VR glasses. The installation will remain a work in progress as long as the Russian occupation of Ukraine lasts.


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