Charlie Koolhaas LIGHT AT THE END OF THE

“Light at the end of the tunnel” is at once photography, sculpture and social commentary that presents an alternative to the usual flatness of photography. Artist Charlie Koolhaas’ folded photographic sculptures are charged with a low-tech hyper-reality that put the viewer directly into the places, corners and streets of various global cities like Guangzhou, Dubai and Rotterdam. Her series Urban Village City Folds are three dimensional images of alleyways in China where the buildings literally touch each other, and that through their three dimensionality have become actual places rather than simply representations.

Charlie Koolhaas will also present her latest book “What happened in Rotterdam”, her personal account of life in the city in which she has lived since 2011, whose cultural exchanges and hybrids she vividly investigates using both writing and photography.

OPENING RECEPTION Sunday 17 September
4-7 pm Suzanne Biederberg Gallery (Eerste Egelantiersdwarsstraat 1, 1015 RW, Amsterdam)
7-10 pm Biederberg Finders Projects (Laurierstraat 53, 1016 PH, Amsterdam)

The artist will give a short presentation at both openings.

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