Urban and Landscape Week 2017

For centuries mankind has sought to gain control over the world we live in. We are moving towards the end of a world defined by nature. The dawn of an age dominated by the human condition is arriving.

The Anthropocene is coming and it is our turn to choose sides. More technology or more democracy? Social justice or environmental accountability? Further or no further? Make your choice, JOIN ULWEEK 2017
Urban & Landscape Week 2017 is an annual academic symposium hosted by TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

It is organised by study association POLIS comprised of master students of urbanism and landscape architecture.

As an academic platform, ULweek invites students, researchers, and professionals to participate and engage in curated lecture series, debates, and competition. The week revolves around the discussion of issues and challenges of contemporary urbanism and future possibilites.

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