Lezing / Debat


The interventions are developed as a multi-layered, trans disciplinary learning experience for all Corporeal Master students. Keynotes by Liss C. Werner and Jonas Runberger that are part of this intervention, are open to public.
THEME : Inspired by WORK, BODY and LEISURE the intervention #4 addresses ‘the spatial configurations, living conditions, and notions of the human body engendered by disruptive changes in labour ethos and conditions’. And the human – machine interface, the quantification of the body, privacy matters and the influence of technology and the internet of things on the relationship between human and space.
We developed this intervention#4 in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, the commissioner of the Dutch Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
Liss C. Werner is an architect, founder of Tactile Architecture – office für Systemarchitektur. She is visiting Assistant Professor at TU Berlin.
Jonas Runberger is an Artistic Professor of Digital Design since the fall of 2016, and Head of Dsearch, a Developmnent Netowork within White arkitekter AB.

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