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The Porous City – with Richard Sennett – prosponed due to illness of the speaker

On January 24 renowned American sociologist Richard Sennett will visit De Dépendance for a lecture on the ethics of the open, porous city. His lecture will be followed by replies from Arna Mackic (Studio L A), Ania Molenda (Amateur Cities), and Tina Rahimy (political philosopher Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences).

To look at cities in a more embracing way, renowned American sociologist Richard Sennett argues for an ‘open’ and ‘porous’ city, where citizens actively hash out their differences and planners experiment with urban forms that make it easier for residents to cope. His vision is far from the functional, efficient, conflict-free city, but instead a physical environment that is incomplete, mixed and intense, with spaces that allow the identities of its inhabitants to be as fluid and complex as the city itself. In such a city, whatever virtues of efficiency, safety, or sociability people achieve, they achieve by virtue of their own agency.

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