Symposium New Tokyo Story

With its extreme concentration of population and economic and political activity and its extreme level of aging, Tokyo forms a fascinating urban laboratory with which to investigate and understand the current trend. In this symposium, we have invited Tokyo-based specialists – academics and practitioners – to give a comprehensive explanation of these symptoms of Tokyo’s transformation and of the ways in which the government, companies and citizens manage its urban future.

History, Framework and Transformation
9:30 Opening public program Zef Hemel
University of Amsterdam

9:45 Struggling Cities Naohiko Hino
architect, historian

10:45 Transformation of Terminal stations Masakazu Ishigure
Tokyo University of Science

11:45 Fiber City: Tokyo 2050 Hidetoshi Ohno
Emeritus Professor Tokyo University

13:00 Speakers and partners’ lunch Pakhuis de Zwijger

Next Inner-city Culture and Development

14:00 Forth Stage Consumer Atsuhi Miura
sociologist, marketing researcher

15:30 Inner city development cases Shu Yamamura
Waseda University

16:30 New working relationship
authorities, companies and citizens Junko Kunihiro
Oume city coordinator

17:30 Closing Moriko Kira
architect, Amsterdam/Tokyo

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