Workshop: The House of Politics 2018

An 11-days research workshop in collaboration with the European Council and the Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre Horta.
The program uses film as an analytical tool to address the role of architecture in representing and constructing political communities. We will produce short films looking at the architecture of political organizations that exceed the paradigms of the traditional nation-state.
The workshop is developed in Brussels, home of many supra-national political bodies. The case study is the European Union, in particular the European Council.
The 2018 edition of the workshop will contribute to an ongoing research that already researched the EU Parliament and Commission. The aim of the project is to address questions such as: How are the complex functions of supranational political bodies spatially articulated? What spatial formations can represent the values of EU political community? How does the architecture of EU headquarters relate to multimedia and transnational channels of audiovisual distribution in relationship to institutional communication strategies? How can film reveal/produce a specific form of spatial knowledge?
We question the role of architecture in relationship to EU’s visual identity strategies within a contemporary context where digital technologies are crucial to the construction of public image.
Application deadline: 16 August
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