After Comfort

Lezing / Debat

Since the advent of modern architecture, we in the West have relied heavily on fossil fuels to create stable interior environments, by either heating or cooling our buildings. One of the consequences of this self-imposed dependence on technological solutions is that we have lost the ability to adapt ourselves and our architecture to the climate. Now that it has become clear that this model has become unsustainable, architecture faces major challenges.

Daniël A. Barber is Professor of Architecture at the University of Technology Sydney whose research focusses on how the architecture practice is changing to address the climate emergency. In collaboration with OASE, journal for architecture, we explore how we have lost the ability to adapt ourselves and our architecture to the changing climate, and what we can do to rely less on fossil fuels and technological solutions to heat and cool our buildings.

8 december, 20:00 – De Dependance, Rotterdam

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