Antoinette Rouvroy – Algorithmic Realism

Lezing / Debat

Nieuwe Instituut and the Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPhil) host philosopher and legal scholar Antoinette Rouvroy for a lecture and discussion with professor of philosophy Yuk Hui. During the meeting, they will discuss the notion of algorithmic realism as a utopia that seems to be taking over more and more domains of human thought and coexistence.
What does it do to our critical capacity if we leave it to computer programs to “solve” complexity that our human brain cannot comprehend? Under what conditions and using what strategies can we work toward an alternative critique that can resist algorithmic realism, with all its underlying drivers and the political reality that emerges from it?

Legal scholar Antoinette Rouvroy (permanent research associate at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and senior researcher at the Université de Namur), who is known for her research on “algorithmic governmentality,” outlines how algorithmic realism permeates the techniques by which people imagine meaning, time, power and themselves, how it affects or disarms our critical capacity, and under what conditions we can imagine a different, better-equipped “new critique”.

With this, Nieuwe Instituut and the Erasmus School of Philosophy are jointly organizing a conversation at the intersection of philosophy, socio-political issues, technology, culture, policy and law; where design questions coincide.

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