Carbon Stories

Lezing / Debat

Metabolic, New Horizon, RE:BORN Real Estate and BlueCity will share their perspectives on maximizing the potential of circularity to reduce CO2 emissions in the built environment.

On 30 November 2023 the UN Climate Change Conference kicks off in Dubai (UEA). This edition is preceded by global developments that demand immediate action. June and July 2023 broke the records of the warmest planetary months ever documented. Changing international relations revealed once again the fragility of our increased global dependence on supplies of energy and materials. Our carbon footprint and global resource dependence needs to be radically reduced. EU and Dutch policy aims to realize this. An important part focuses on achieving a fully circular society and economy by 2050.

This affects the core of our sector. We produce, transport and assemble materials to create built environments. So how circular can we become and how much CO2 emissions do we avoid in doing so? What does it require from different disciplines in our sector to get there? Can we create profitable circular projects? Besides less dependence and less CO2 emissions, what are other benefits of a circular practice? How could these questions land in Rotterdam’s future urban area M4H? How to achieve a fundamental understanding of circular potential and how do we apply this in practice in an era of urgency where every ton of saved CO2 counts?

These questions will be addressed in the debate.

November 30, 19:30 – Keilepand, Rotterdam

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