Climate proof urban design in Asia

Lezing / Debat

The Netherlands is prepared for the short term with climate change, but in the long term the prospect is that the landscape will change drastically.
In other parts of the world, such as Indonesia, there are urban areas where climate change and pollution lead to unliveable situations. How these areas are already making adjustments and what solutions are being sought? This evening we will discuss Indonesia’s current capital Jakarta and the new capital Nusantara.

Despite of the city’s disadvantages, such as low-lying position in the delta and transected by 13 rivers, Jakarta houses around 11 million residents. Flooding exacerbated by land subsidence is a pressing concern. This session will explore strategies to tackle these issues.

Addressing the persistent challenges faced by Jakarta a decisive move to shift Indonesia’s capital to Kalimantan was made in 2019. The construction of the central governmental area of Nusantara is advancing remarkably. To showcase the climate-proof and sustainable design approach, the presentation will unveil the winning masterplan, featuring a green and sustainable concept for a Smart Forest City.

Ms. Doti Windajani, chair of Indonesian Institute of Architects – Jakarta chapter.
Presentations by Wiwi Tjiook, Pritha Hayuningtyas, Ryan Ridge Rahardja and (through video) by Sibarani Sofian, Yulia Dahlan, Daliana Suryawinata, Florian Heinzelmann.

The lecture is free and open to all. Registration through the BNA-website link is mandatory.

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