Crude Hints


In this research and crafts studio with architect and artist Sam Jacob (London, UK) we search the city now that we are on the eve of an unprecedented period of poverty, inequality and climate crisis. We research and speculate on which artifacts will define this era hundreds of years from now. We collect fragments, shards and traces of our way of life and turn them into whole artifacts, as we imagine the archaeologists of the future would do. It is an exercise in detachment, in which we, as archaeologists, look back to the past from the future. The result is an imaginary archaeological museum, full of strange artefacts that tell the story of a particularly difficult era. Regular tickets: 200 euro. Discounted early bird rate of 175 euro available until 09 April 2023.

Registration deadline 08 May 2023.

25 May – 27 May 2023 – Independent School for the City, Rotterdam

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