Death Architecture

Lezing / Debat

The design of our cemeteries and crematories reveals how we relate to death culturally. In our western culture, we seem to have pushed death behind the scenes. In what way could architecture help us embrace death? Theun Karelse will speak about iconizing death, Robin Beers envisions a dreamy farewell in the flood plains of the Waal and David Rademacher looks to repurpose the crypt concept.

David Rademacher
After several years of researching landscape architecture, David Rademacher started design and research office Rademacher – de Vries that focuses on architecture, the city and the urban environment. In his work, David seeks to produce spatial insights that are rooted in a self-conscious understanding of our discipline and culture.

Robin Beers
Robin Beers is an architecture masterstudent and designer in training at urban strategy and architecture office INBO. She designed a concept in 2019 for a hospice and wake site where people can peacefully die in the flood plains of the Waal river in Nijmegen.

Susanne Duijvestein
After eleven years in cooperative banking, Susanne Duijvestein switched into funeral business. She likes to reflect on how we relate to our own transience.

Theun Karelse
Theun Karelse studied fine-arts at the Sandberg Institute before joining FoAM, a trans-disciplinary laboratory at the interstices of art, science, nature and everyday life. His interests and experimental practice explores edges between art, environment, technology and archaeology.

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