This three-month intensive course in contemporary urbanism takes the modern city as its subject and Rotterdam as its testing ground. It will explore the urban dynamics by bringing together different disciplines from historical research to artistic expression, using Rotterdam as a pars-pro-toto for cities all over the world.
During this 12-week course, we will dive into the inescapable contradictions and complexities of the contemporary city. Looking beyond the present-day popularity of Rotterdam, we aim to see the city as she really is and as we can imagine her becoming. We will use research, stories and strategies. We will use all possible means contemporary urbanism provides and act! Participants in the programme will be offered weekly lectures and excursions, a series of workshops focusing on specific disciplines and methods, tutoring by a diverse team of specialists, designers and researchers, the chance to work together in a community of learning and the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their ideas.
You can apply for this 12-week programme by sending your CV (max 2mb) and examples of previous work (max 8mb/5 pages) to info@schoolforthecity.nl. The programme fits within the 90 days period of validity of a tourist visa to the Netherlands. It is based on a five-day work week filled with workshops, lectures and field trips.

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