Dirty Old Town; ACT NOW!


Starting on 31 January 2022, this intensive 12week course in contemporary urbanism takes the modern city as its subject and Rotterdam as its testing ground. It will explore the urban dynamics by bringing together different disciplines from historical research to artistic expression.

Participants in the programme will delve into the inescapable contradictions and complexities of the contemporary city. Using Rotterdam as a pars pro toto for many other cities in the world, we’ll be looking beyond its current popularity and trying to see the city as it really is, and as we can imagine it to become. Collectively we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us, but also look explicitly at the character of the city. This is not only defined by its trendy restaurants and iconic buildings, but also by its sharp edges. It’s a place that can be old, new, dirty and beautiful at the same time. It is this complexity that we love, and which simultaneously poses challenges for our city.

This intensive programme includes a series of lectures, excursions and workshops focusing on specific research methods and pressing social issues such as Climate, Migration, Crime and Inequality in relation to our urban surroundings. Participating in the programme gives you the opportunity to meet a diverse team of urban specialists, designers and researchers. You’ll work together in a community of learning where you will have the freedom to deepen your knowledge and to develop your own position towards the pressing urban issues of our time.

Apply before December 6.

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