Follow the Money


Architecture and urban planning are typically focused more on the physical manifestations of the design then the strategical and financial structuring that could drive the realization of the design. In architecture and urban planning education, there is also rarely attention given to the role of clients, let alone to capital as a force that shapes our build environment.

In this two week studio, we want to critically explore and uncover the role of capital in the way our cities and buildings are being shaped. We will look at the city through the lens of global capital in order to understand how we could use that view in order to shape our vision of a better city. We will do that by using the classical economic analyses of the city by researching the roles of Property (land and real estate), Labour (in this case, architecture and design) and Capital (finance).

For this studio we will use Rotterdam as site, which, due to it’s partial destruction during WWII, has over the last 70 years been a rich testing ground for real estate development experiments.

Date: 21 October – 01 November 2019
Application Deadline: 09 September 2019
Number of participants: 10 – 30
Participation fee: 800 Euro

Tutors: Nanne de Ru, Kevin Laurence Snel, Wouter Vanstiphout, Michelle Provoost, Mike Emmerik, Chiara Dorbolò. Lecturers (to be confimed): Bas van Bavel, Joep van Lieshout, Nanne de Ru and Oliver Wainwright

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