Funds, Funds, Funds: a Rendez-Vous with Stimuleringsfonds for Creative Industries

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How to Become an Architect

Embarking on the journey to becoming an architect is an exhilarating endeavor, but what lies beyond the academic corridors? The lecture series, “How to Become an Architect,” curated by CASA Vertigo in collaboration with Archined, invites you to explore the enigmatic path of post-graduation. Delving into the intricacies of professional development, this six-part public programme presents a rare glimpse into the transitional phase where creativity and real-world challenges converge.

Attempting to navigate the hazy post-graduation landscape, the series poses the question: What do you do after graduating? How do you really/actually become an architect? What do the intricacies of professional growth entail? And how do you navigate them?

A rendezvous with Stimuleringsfonds for Creative Industries, provides a compass for navigating the landscape of funding and grants for emerging practitioners. This discussion on financial sustenance aims to provide essential insights into the pragmatic, yet vital aspects of financially maintaining an architectural practice during its initial stages of development.

The lecture will be recorded and published on CASA Vertigo’s Youtube channel.

“How to Become an Architect” aims to present a comprehensive exploration into the journey of becoming an architect and the evolution that follows. Through the sharing of experiences and wisdom, the series attempts to illuminate the intricacies of finding a creative voice and sustaining it. It serves as both mentor and muse, offering inspiration and guidance on how to transition from the realms of education to architectural practice.

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