In Focus: Research


In Focus: Research is dedicated to the power and necessity of research as a design tool. The conditions and constraints that contemporary architects and designers must respond to in their daily work—climatic, social, economic, material, technological—are in a state of radical transformation, and access to and interpretation of cutting-edge research is a critical element in design and culture today. The symposium positions research as a critical tool for architects and those in overlapping fields who are actively addressing, anticipating and mitigating the issues of tomorrow by deeply examining conditions today.

A pioneering group of practitioners will touch on the intersection of architecture and other disciplines from economics and urbanism, to biodesign, water management, forensic investigations, and the aftermath of colonial-era resource extraction.

Speakers include
Samir Bantal, AMO—Probing the historical and cultural contexts in which buildings are designed and made, and aiming to widen the aperture of global thinking to include diverse perspectives.

Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture—Uncovering truths obscured by enablers of state and corporate violence using architectural representations and digital modeling.

Sammy Baloji, Twenty Nine Studio—Disseminating new perspectives of the long-term consequences of extractive mining in post-colonial DRC.

Natsai Audrey Chieza, Faber Futures—Applying cutting-edge biological technologies in response to urgent global challenges.

Julia King, Julia King Associates—Understanding cultural and institutional relationships in areas of dense urban development, to collaboratively design and build site-specific interventions.

In Focus will take place on Saturday March 16, 2024 at 3 pm at the Design Museum in London and will be broadcast free online. Register to watch.

Curated by The World Around, a New York-based organization dedicated to amplifying progressive global architecture, and Future Observatory, the Design Museum’s national research programme for the green transition.

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