INDESEM is a distinguished biennale that originated in 1964 with the formation of a group of students and revived in 1985 by Herman Hertzberger. Since then, it has evolved into a must-attend event for architecture and design enthusiasts, held here at our faculty.

Join the International Design Seminar of 2023 (INDESEM.23) with the thought-provoking theme of “Boundaries.” Through this seminar, you’ll connect with like-minded students, attend lectures from renowned architects, participate in workshops, and engage in an exciting 24-hour competition. We challenges you to push the limits of your creative abilities and consider boundaries as instructional elements of architectural design. By embracing these boundaries as opportunities for creativity and innovation, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience that will help you in your future career as a designer.
The INDESEM 2023 speaker lineup comprises internationally renowned architects and theorists, including Winy Maas, Jette Hopp from Snohetta, Joost Moolhuijzen from Renzo Piano, Souto de Moura (online), Neil Leach, and more more to be announced.

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