International Self-Building Experiences


Join us on Thursday 21 November 2019 for an exclusive seminar where international experts in the field of self-build share their knowledge and discuss current debates within the field of self-build on three different continents!

ARCAM will host an international seminar on self-build experiences in the context of the exhibition The Right to Build with professionals from Latin-America, Africa and Europe. Self-build experiences in the North and the South could hardly be more different. Yet, the underlying tension of economic and social-cultural drivers are very well comparable and generate lessons of experience in both directions. The seminar positions the commissioning role of the inhabitants vis-à-vis the economic powers that capitalise on the growth of cities, on the one hand, and the social and cultural powers of the urban population claiming the right to the city on the other. Inhabitants cooperate and organise to mobilise public and political support against economic exclusion.

For who?
This seminar is interesting for urban inhabitants, city-makers, designers, urban planners, researchers and managers: for all who are interested in a genuine role of inhabitants in making urban places.

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