From 19-30 July the Independent School for the City will organize a two-week summer school exploring new strategies for collective affordable housing with architect Alfredo Brillembourg of Urban-Think Tank Design Partners, experience designer Tessa Steenkamp and Crimson Historians & Urbanists. We will do so by means of a collective effort, and with a special focus on existing, vacant property. The Rotterdam collective City in the Making (Stad in de Maak) will function as our external client for the studio. Together we’ll support them in finding a new location for housing, new models of ownership and new methods of collective city making – using the requirements for their initiative as a real-life case study.

Can we come up with an alternative for anti-squatting, and utilise vacant space for solving the housing scarcity? Can we use newly proposed governance models, such as ‘right to challenge’, ‘neighbourhood rights’ and the commons? Or work with alternative ownership models such as rent-to-buy and community land trusts? Combining these organisational, legal and social perspectives with design interventions we aim to come up with a pragmatic method to create more affordable housing.

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