While city centres all over the world are increasingly popular for living, working and tourism, housing has become scarce and real estate prices have skyrocketed. In Rotterdam, like in many other cities, it has become extremely difficult to find an affordable house. Although coming from a long tradition of rent-controlled social housing in the Netherlands, the neo-liberal policy of recent years has left housing corporations paralyzed and curtailed their possibilities to invest. This has led to a structural shortage of affordable housing, especially in the city centres.

‘Let’s get real!’ explores -as realistic as possible- if it is still possible to create neutral living spaces for affordable rents. We will do so by means of a collective effort. Participants will form a collective of would-be inhabitants who together model the financial and programmatic conditions as a starting point for an alternative development strategy. Can we target a mixture of populations and programs? Can we share facilities? Can we combine people with and without money? Can we submit our labour to ‘pay’ in kind? Can we use new models to diversify instead of standardize? And most importantly: which digital and financial development strategies can we develop to create affordable and attractive collective housing?

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