Possible Futures for the Dune Area


Studenten van de Amsterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst hebben in het kader van het 16 weken durend project ‘Urbanism and Landscape program’ gewerkt aan ruimtelijke voorstellen en ideeen voor het dynamische en complexe gebied in de regio Zuid Kennemerland. Deze expositie in het ABC is Engelstalig.
Throughout an interdisciplinary design studio, students draw a future vision at a regional scale. The students learn to overthink and explore consequences in designing in different scales and answer questions like: What happens to a neighborhood when you interfere in a regional scale? For this exhibition each student presents one board that summarizes their proposal for the region.
During the first weeks of class, all 19 students and 4 instructors worked as one research team which resulted in an Atlas with maps about a large variety of topics.
A couple of common themes emerged as drivers for the proposals presented here. On one hand, the existing, and future threats posed by water became opportunities to rethink forms of energy, agriculture, and land use. And on the other hand, there was a common interest in ways of enhancing the quality of life and the health of humans and non-humans alike.
Work here should be seen as snapshot scenarios of possibility, as triggers for conversation and debate regarding diverse ways to imagine futures for the region.

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