Right to the City


In this three-week workshop with Loom: practice for cultural transformation, we will explore to what extent city dwellers can contribute to shaping their urban surroundings in this day and age. In the ‘smooth city’, the polished, optimised and neatly finished city that is becoming increasingly dominant worldwide, there would hardly be any room for residents’ own interventions, but is this really the case? In this workshop we will collectively test where there are still opportunities for bottom-up developments, from in-between spaces or places that can still be appropriated, to the possibilities that arise in places that are often strictly ordered and controlled. Participants then set to work on devising a “Right to the City” strategy for a particular place or area, using a wide range of methodologies, from spontaneous improvisation, to queering urban space, inventing new forms of commoning or by establishing alternative urban practices. The workshop also explores how the right to the city for one person might clash with the right to the city for another, and how the right to the city might be transformed from an individual right to a collective right.

This block is part of our 12 week programme This is Tomorrow, but also offered as a stand-alone course.

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