School’s Out! #9 – Petra Blaisse

Lezing / Debat

Petra Blaisse is possibly Holland’s most poetic and uncompromising spatial designer. Together with her office Inside/Outside she has for decades now provided the cheerful but ultimately dispiriting banality of Dutch Design with an antidote of craft, seriousness, utility and sheer, unadulterated beauty. Her interventions are seemingly humble, insinuating themselves in the fringes and nooks and crannies of buildings and urban projects with gardens, textiles, objects and materials. The designs however undercut, insubordinate, infect and enrich the rough and often schematic ‘projects’, and turn them into real places. Seeing Inside/Outside’s projects being presented by Petra herself is a unique chance. Don’t miss it!

Blaisse started her career at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. From 1987 onwards she worked as a freelance designer and received critical acclaim for her architectural installations. With time, her focus shifted to the use of textiles and the influence of light in her interior designs, together with increasingly complex garden and landscape designs.

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