Speculative Futures Rotterdam


More and more people all over the world move into urban areas with hope for better career options and more exciting lifestyle. Unfortunately, amenities that allow for comfortable modern lifestyle, have a negative impact on the environment. Currently, cities are responsible for more than ⅔ of all carbon dioxide emissions. The emissions could double within the next 30 years if no new solutions are applied.
In order to mitigate climate changes, cities all over the world are forced to drastically reduce their greenhouse emissions. Experts found that by mid-century, with the use of currently existing technology, the emissions produced in the urban areas can be reduced by almost 90%. The challenge that all cities and their citizens need to face in the upcoming years, is a starting point for a discussion about the necessary changes in lifestyle we all need to adopt.
In the course of the workshop, participants will be invited to explore the future of mid-century sustainable cities. Although, the quality of life for future generations will be a result of our actions today, not everybody is able to see the size of current ecological challenges and their consequences. Together we will think on how the life of citizens in 2050 may look like if their welfare will be directly dependent on their level of engagement in sustainable development.

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