Studio Visit Team Paul de Vroom+Sputnik

Lezing / Debat

Studio Visits, instigated by Het Nieuwe Instituut, is a series of evenings dedicated to contemporary architectural practice, its challenges and its possibilities. The series invites professionals, students and the broader public to cross the threshold and take a peek into the architect’s workplace. This Studio Visit, Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik will open their doors.

Team Paul de Vroom + Sputnik started as collaboration between two studios, and an ambition to integrate conceptual and technical design expertise in a single practice. Since merging in 2014, the studio works on several projects in both Russia and the Netherlands. These include a recently completed housing complex in Moscow and a residential tower currently under construction in Amsterdam.

During the Studio Visit, the studio members will address the incentives, necessities and practicalities of merging two offices, a trend which seems increasingly present in today’s practice. Providing insights into their working process, they will share the challenges that they encounter while operating in different contexts, as well as their techniques for mitigating disparate material and design cultures.

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