Summer School


Visualizing the Architecture Competition as ‘Contact Zone’
Tutors: dr. Cathelijne Nuijsink & prof. dr. Tom Avermaete

This international summer school investigates the ‘contact zone’ as a new methodological tool to better understand the global-ness of architecture production. For one full week students work in a real exhibition venue (gta Exhibitions) to theorize and visualize the architecture competition as contact zone. Students are challenged to develop their own conceptual exhibition model and creatively use the exhibition space to visualize the contact zone to its full potential.

This 7-day summer school is open to both students of ETH Zürich and international students (maximum 15 students) and will be entirely taught in English. The target group is upper-level Bachelor’s and Master’s students with a strong interest in research by design. Students are expected to participate in all research exercises, workshops and group discussions, and play a proactive role in the visualization of the theoretical concept offered.

Tuition is €100 per person. 2 ECTS credits.

Students interested in the course have to send a 200-word motivation and a 2-page CV (incl. language skills) to cathelijne.nuijsink[at] by 15th July 2019.
Successful applicants will be notified no later than 20 July 2019.

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