During this one-week research by photography studio, we’ll be exploring Superdiversity in the city of Rotterdam together with artist and designer Neeltje ten Westenend. The studio takes place between 19 and 27 November 2020.

Just as London, Paris and Los Angeles, Rotterdam is part of an international family of cities that have earned the title of ‘superdiverse’ city. Superdiverse because there is no longer a majority of ‘native Dutch’ people that dominates the community. The ethnic Dutch have become a minority amidst others, the largest minority perhaps, but still a minority. Superdiverse cities like Rotterdam bring with them a next stage in the integration process, where ethnicity no longer is the most important let alone the sole factor with which people define themselves. Such a transformation is nearly impossible to catch using conventional bureaucratic and scholarly statistics. To see if we have to go on the streets, in the restaurants, listen to the radio and go on social media. In this course, we aim to do just that: to do empirical research in a superdiverse part of Rotterdam with the aim to understand how the city, its facilities and its public space are being used by many different groups of people; to understand what they value in the city, where they spend their time, where they spend their money, where they work and go to school.

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