That Exhibition That Happened In The Corridor


‘The exhibition that happened in the corridor’ is an experimental project by students and researchers. With the project, alternative perspectives on diversity and equality in architectural education and practice are explored. This is done through a critical reflection on the problematic and insufficient nature of histories that focus solely on successful individual architects.
Which stories do we tell, who tells them and how, matters. In a world of vibrant, rich diversity and asymmetric injustice, many stories are hardly ever told: women’s, non-binary, queer, trans, Black, Brown, Asian, indigenous and all racialised groups, non-western, differently abled, non-human perspectives; experiential, unrealised stories, stories of knowledge construction through failure, stories of collective work, and histories of knowledge(s) formed with and through things, projects and situations; not (only) by (privileged) individuals.
Usual practices and modes within architectural historiography tend to represent much less than half of the picture, and so, through purple glasses, and love, this exhibition looks beyond, towards what’s left out and behind. The exhibition offers an opportunity to encounter differing histories of an (always) unfinished work.

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