The Architect’s Working Drawing

Lezing / Debat

The Berlage Sessions, a seven-part seminar series entitled “The Architect’s Manners,” explores the profession through etiquette and manners, the contractual distinction between builder and architect, the graphic conventions of working drawings, architects and their relationship to social media, the stylization of imagery, the masculinity embodied in practice, and other ways “mannerism” is enacted by architects today. This fall speakers will include Mary Woods, Bryan Norwood, Annette Spiro, Floris van der Poel, Stefano Milani, Namelok, and Jacob and Samuel Stewart-Halevy.

Annette Spiro is professor of architecture and construction of ETH Zurich since 2007 and has taught at several universities in Switzerland, Spain, and Brazil. She wrote numerous books and articles about Brazilian architecture and is the author and editor of the monograph Paolo Mendes da Rocha, Bauten und Projekte. For her books, Über Putz and The Working Drawing, Architect’s Tool she received the DAM Architectural Book Award 2012 and 2014. The latest book A wie Anstiften / How to Begin on teaching architecture and construction was published in 2018. Annette Spiro is also a practicing architect and co-founder of the studio Annette Spiro + Stephan Gantenbein Architects in Zurich, which was established in 1991.

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